profilepic1a.jpg This blog was originally for Kitten’s Litter a Second Life store I run. I decided to expand this with more entries on other games also, since they are part of my life.

I go by the name of Kittenanne Mousehold in SL. I have been a member of the SL community since Feb 2005. Second Life is a creative platform that allows you to create anything there. All the content inside Second Life is created by the players.

I have been in various MMOs since 1996, RPG in general I started playing on the Apple IIe in the 80’s. I started with a little 2d game called The Realm. Then played Everquest for 6 yrs till I was introduced to SL. I picked up City of Heroes for a few months after some friends told me about it.

I finally got curious enough about World of Warcraft in Jan 2006 and broke down to try it out for 2 and half years. I’m no longer playing that, I may go back to it some day,  but for right now I’m bored with WoW. I of course play many offline games. Oblivion and Neverwinter Nights being my favorite. Right now, the Xbox 360 is my new love.

Second Life® and Linden Lab® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. All rights reserved. No infringement is intended.


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