Gold Farmers & Sellers

I haven’t bothered to express my opinion on this since I believe that just about every single gamer out there is against it. I’m strongly against it. Since the first person sold their EQ account on Ebay, I’ve been against it.

Of course in EQ when someone was dumb enough to buy and account you could spot the ebayed account right away. They would usually be someone of a high level that had no idea of how to play their class. It was sad since they would usually get their group wiped out somewhere. Then they were just plain blacklisted so it ended up being a waste of money for the person. Later on people would simply buy a higher level character of the same class they were playing.

In WoW it’s so common placed that players are buying gold just to buy better gear, that it’s just about unstoppable. I do appreciate Blizzards strong stance against gold selling and all the efforts they are going through to stop it. I had a guildie that admitted to buying gold for better gear the year before Burning Crusade came out. Then that expansion came out and all the gear he bought was obsolete. Rather funny really. But sad for the people that actually raided for the gear.

Ok back to the point, gold sellers. I had a random, out the blue gold seller message me on one of my IM programs I use. It was very strange and disturbing. I asked how he got my name. He claimed to have found it on a game forum. I only had it up on one game forum, a forum that I created for a guild I was in. Plus it was a game that you can not easily sell gold on. So I tell this guy that I don’t buy gold and no longer played the game. He asked me to basically spam my friends with his website. Needless to say I just blocked him at that point.

So it’s not bad enough that gold farmers ruin the games we play by hording all the monsters or camping spawns. Now we have to get spammed on our IM programs we used! I mean it was bad enough to have the constant spamming of gold sellers in WoW but this?

And here is why I finally wrote my opinion on gold sellers. I recently did a Google search of my alias name on Second Life and for this blog and found something that’s just very irritating. Some gold seller has posted my entire review for LoTRO, everything including all the comments for it! Didn’t bother to do a simple link back to the blog, but they did credit me for writing it. Which makes it look like I wrote the review for this asshat! View it here in all it’s glory.

Yeah, I’m surprised and shocked, but mainly I’m very very disgusted. It’s a straight rip off. I don’t even understand the continued popularity of that review since it’s a year old and was from closed beta. What I really don’t understand is why this person didn’t just do a link instead of making it look like I wrote this for them.

You need to “register” to post a comment on their gold selling blog. I rather not hang out my IP address for this jerk. I’m just pissed.

*Special Note* – I want to make a special distinction between gold sellers/farmer and RMT (Real Money Trading). When a game like Entropia Universe or Second Life has RMT built into the economy then any game money that’s being sold is not against their rules. Nor is it ruining the game for other people. Sony did give up the fight against gold sellers and put in a RTM market system for EQ 2, which basically blows away outside gold sellers since a player can sell directly to another player with their system. I am not against RMT that a game has in place. Actually with Second Life, people are able to pay their monthly subscription off by selling their game money.


~ by Kittenanne Mousehold on May 9, 2008.

5 Responses to “Gold Farmers & Sellers”

  1. Wow – that *IS* bad! So after looking at the homepage of that site it was obvious they didn’t have a handle on the english language, so I did a whois lookup on their domain, and not surprisingly they’re based out of China.

    Here’s hoping the technology will eventually out-pace the spammers – not likely, but we can still hope! 😛


  2. Yeah, I sort of knew without doing a whois lookup that it based in China. The author name on all posts is a Chinese name. Eh, maybe he’ll have a dispute with his partner and complain to the police there. hehe

  3. I’ve noticed lately in WoW of a resurgence in gold farmers/pl-ing services spam throughout the the trade channels in the cities. And now, I am getting e-mails for these services which I hadn’t in the past.

  4. Gold farmers used to send global /tells to everyone spamming them in WoW. But WoW put a filter in place also blocked so trial accounts could not send /tells anymore. Any email you get from them can also be put on a filiter. I think it was right clicking their name on email will give you the option of “spam filitering”. You can also do that with the spam in the trade channel on a person’s name.

    When I was still playing WoW they pretty much stopped doing either method of spamming. They would instead shout or speak by a bank in a major town and would spam group invite. Once you joined them in a group they would spam their site to you. Also there was one weirdo that was spam group inviting people just so he could reset an instance zone. He would never speak to anyone just send this spam invite.

    There was also a spam filter available at one of the adon sites. I’m not sure if it was discontinued or not. It was so nice.

  5. Ya! It looks like that Gold Farmer site that basically “stole” my LOTRO article is gone! You never know though, they might get a new site and start stealing people’s articles again. 😦

    On a happy note though, it could be because of the ban on gold farmers under China’s new law.

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