Improv Everywhere

Let me first say, yes it’s been a long time since I posted anything. I just haven’t felt like writing much of late. Plus I was trying to refrain from joining in all the rants against Linden Lab over the past few months. That’s sort of like shooting fish in a barrel, when it comes to having ready made topic to write about. Which is why I’ve tried not to. I do have a few other topics floating in my head finally to post about.

First is about Improv Everywhere. I’ve been following their blog of late after first hearing about them from Geek Gestalt. Very creative group of people! There are more groups around the world now. I believe it all started in New York City. The New York group has some great videos on YouTube. My favorite from NYC group is this one:

It’s just so harmless and fun! I did have to wonder why the DC group had problems with their Ipod “silent” dance. They weren’t silent, from the horrible video they had they were noisy. Still I wouldn’t think that would be a cause to be arrested. Although there is a difference between the DC group and NYC group. The NYC group did state plainly that if you are asked to leave to just leave. Don’t fight it just go. The DC group made it into some weird political statement instead. Hey I agree with them, but it wrecks the process of the improv.

Although I love seeing the videos of the various groups, I have to say some of the taping is so bad that you can’t hear or see what is going on. Yet most of the taping in NYC was pretty good. I wonder how they did their taping without looking obvious about it.

Enjoy their work or join or start a group. They have more information on that on their website.


~ by Kittenanne Mousehold on April 16, 2008.

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