Second Life Age Verification: in beta now

I wrote a couple of posts about this when it first came out in May, that Linden Labs was going to put in age verification. I wasn’t happy with the way they were going to implement or the fact they needed to clean up their own mess with the whole, no credit card needed thing. (That just opened the door for anyone to go on the Main Grid were it was adult only. Yet on the Teen Grid you still need credit card info. *boogle*)
Ok, /rant off.

Last week it was announced that Linden Labs has put age verification into beta testing. There are some glitches in the system though. Massively has been publishing some very good articles on the subject, this one has some very good info in it. I would have to say after reading that article, Linden Labs should scrap this age verification system and go back to the drawing board. Maybe put back the old credit card verification system they once had and charge the one time fee of $9.95 again. Basically, if an under age person really wants to get on the Main Grid in SL, all they ever have to do is pose as one of their parents. So no system will ever be full proof.

Edit: 12/9/07 – Linden Labs has their latest blog post to answer resident questions. They are answering most of the questions we all had back in May but were not answered at the time. Probably because they didn’t know the answer then. Massive has another insightful post today. It’s a rather funny post on how many people are using dead celebrities and even live ones to verify with.

~ by Kittenanne Mousehold on December 8, 2007.

4 Responses to “Second Life Age Verification: in beta now”

  1. I’ve read somewhere that the implementation of an in-world age verification could mean that soon there will only be one grid.

  2. That was one of the rumors going around in May. It used to be that way. There was no Teen Grid when I started playing SL. Then they decided to weave out all the underage kids into a separate area. Many didn’t leave though. Plus many of the ones that left also took with them some outstanding scripting and imaginations.

    Cindy Claveau brought up a very good point in SL Universe. That this is really a lawsuit safe guard for Linden Labs more than trying to verify people. Since many adults are going to opt not to verify for privacy reasons.

  3. I myself tried to verify and it wouldnt let me. I saw it when I was updating my payment info on and thought I would do it before I saw the blog. Im of legal age and tried to use the last 4 digits of my social security, and then when that didnt work tried to use my drivers license number to no avail. I have lived in one house my entire life, and my account was created with secondlife 2 weeks ago, so something is amiss.

  4. Well, has nothing to do with Linden Labs, it’s for Sherrill-Lubinski.
    Also if you read any of the links I have for Massive or the link about the glitches they tell plenty about the fact that not everyone is in the Aristole system for verification, especially if you are not an American citizen.

    Since you are new to Second Life you might want to start reading other sources of news. Massive (aka Second Life Insider) has plenty of up to date reporting on SL. They also do some pretty good digging on verification system.

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