Elder Scrolls MMORPG is official! (or is it?)

Edit Note 10/8/10: Thought I’d mention that it’s not so official yet. Yes their parent company bought the IP address but there hasn’t been a peep about it from Bethesda yet. They might be quietly working on it or not. A lot has changed in 3 years in regards to MMOs. They do have a ready made world with lore built in. Although sometimes the charm of their games is that it’s single player and especially because it’s modifiable!

I was very excited a month ago when I saw this post on Voodoo Extreme. But I was cautiously happy, since there was nothing official on it yet from Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls site. Well I just found this post on QJ.Net. (I’m a month late seeing that post though.)

I’ve seen many blogs buzzing about this since Voodoo Extreme first posted. Still there was nothing concrete yet. QJ.Net is the closest thing to concrete so far. Massively had several articles with different speculations on it.

I’m still worried that Elder Scrolls Online will be yet another WoW knockoff. I would like to see something new or improved in the way of MMORPGS. There are several things about the Elder Scrolls series that I really like. One main thing that I noticed right off with Oblivion, was the quests. They are not straight forward, some are even hidden quests. Even the Thieves and Assassin Guilds were hidden. The second thing was all the mods available to tweak the game itself. Plus you can even make you’re own mods for the game.

Ok, the quests are somewhat easy to incorporate into a MMO, although the guy you were just sent out to murder will be alive again for the next person. But allowing for the flexibility of all the mods will not be the same. If they do allow player made content into the game like Ryzom did, then it’d have to be restricted somehow. Ryzom has their player made items only working inside the player made dungeon. There is also a rating system for player made dungeons so if they player abuses other players inside their dungeon they can get reported or have a low rating.

Now Ryzom added this feature to their already established game. There’s a quote from one of the developers of WoW that I can’t find right now (I read it almost a year ago.), where he said something that made a lot of sense about incorporating player-created content into an MMO, it has to be done from the very beginning and not added on. I have never played Ryzom so I don’t know how the player made dungeons are or how unincorporated to their game it feels.

So in the end I’d try out Elder Scrolls Online. I would probably need to upgrade my computer in order to run it smoothly if it’s anything like Oblivion. I’ll also have to pray it’s not just another WoW clone.


~ by Kittenanne Mousehold on December 5, 2007.

2 Responses to “Elder Scrolls MMORPG is official! (or is it?)”

  1. i think if they keep it just like the game, maybe even use the same creators to keep graphics the same will help keep from from appearing as a knockoff of WOW

  2. Ways Elder Scroll will not be a WOW clone.
    For one the stats and level set up is more like Gurps, complete with a minor feat system and such. .. and a lot more stats than wow. On the other hand I do wonder how they will make Luck and Charisma work in an MMo, maybe followers or something.
    Also in Elder Scrolls it was easy to make your character overpowered if the same things were allowed in the online version everyone would go straight to the 30% invis pendant (you know what im talking about.. yep the one by the pond.. with the 2 chicks) but you get my point.

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