Travian – Curiously addicting

Screen Shot Travian is a free browser game that’s heavily advertised on different game sites. The first thing that comes to my mind for a browser game is either something very good like Runescape or something very very bad. (No example of bad since I run away screaming from them.) Travian is a RTS game, Real Time Strategy, similar to the Warcraft series.

I wondered how a RTS game would work in a browser. It’s actually much easier to do than what the RPG game Runescape did. The funny thing about Travian is that it becomes addicting. You want to build up your village and go off to conquer or pillage someone. Like all RTS there is a bit of a flow chart in the order of things you can build. I enjoy this game because I can do other things and let this sit on the browser while I’m at another site. If you try it out and need more information on the game, there is a FAQ page and a Wiki. Also look through their official forum.

Update note 10/14/07 – There is a Beginner’s Guide on the Travian forums.  Also the 3x Speed server is exactly what the name implies. Everything is three times faster on that server versus the four other servers currently online. Which means they are seriously slow to build on.

~ by Kittenanne Mousehold on September 16, 2007.

10 Responses to “Travian – Curiously addicting”

  1. I’ve been playing for a bit, but I’m starting to lose interest. Getting raided all the time isn’t fun.

  2. I just started playing this week. I did get raided after the first 3 days. After that I just built up my defenses like mad. I just figure getting raided is part of the game just like being on a PVP server for WoW getting jumped is part of the game. Whether or not I like it. (I’m a PVE server on WoW though.) So if the raiding gets so bad where I can never get anything done or seek retribution, then I just toss out the game. For now it’s just a fun thing to sit in the browser.

  3. I think that’s probably my problem with the game, I love it more for the building ascept and on CoH and Galaxies I avoid PvP like the plague for the most part.

    Have you tried out the speed server?

  4. Yeah, I’m on the speed server but I never tried out the regular ones so I don’t know how different it is. Is it that slow on the regular servers with build time?

  5. The speed server makes things much much slower. I’d stick with the speed server unless you really can’t wait to have another city.

  6. I tried it and really liked it for a while. It got old very quick when higher level players not only take your resources, but start destroying your buildings, and can set you back to square one.

  7. Very true Snorii! I stopped playing it because it was too easy for people to hack the code and cheat. The cheaters made the game frustrating. 😦

    Try Ikariam. It’s a similar type of game, also on a browser. I have not played it so I don’t know if they as lax about cheaters hacking their code as Travian is.

  8. pbbgs are the future of work procrastination 😀

  9. whether still in the game travian?. seen from the number of servers. this game the browser increasing from month to month

  10. I haven’t played Travian for a couple years now. Good to hear that they are expanding. I just hope they did something about cheaters in the game also.

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