Still Here

It’s been awhile since I posted anything on here. My blog isn’t dead just yet. I started playing WoW again a few months ago with my husband. We both finally dinged 70 and started to do all the group quests that you end up with. We also started our Karazhan attunement with our guild. We’ve slowed down on playing WoW quite a bit now.

I would like to comment on odd ways that people are trying to advertise their sites on my blog. They are either telling me that I “forgot” to put their site on my New Users to SL page, or they are asking me why their site isn’t in my blogroll. Which is rather out of bounds to just point blank ask bloggers, “why didn’t you link my site to your blog?”.  I have only had a couple odd comment posts that were advertisements . I do want to clarify that I do want people to suggest sites for the New Users to SL page. But don’t post it as an ad please. Also if you do suggest a site, please tell me what it is about.

I hope to add a couple more pages for links for SL and hopefully a gamer link site of some sort.

One side note about odd comments. I did delete all my comments on the About page because it became a 2 way conversation with a close friend of mine. I just felt that it was time to clean it up.

~ by Kittenanne Mousehold on September 7, 2007.

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