SLUniverse and Second Citizen

Just a quick note on SLUniverse. I’ve had Cristiano Midnight’s site on my blogroll for awhile now. I’ve been a lurker on Snapzilla and the SLUniverse forums for a few years. He revamped the entire site this summer. It’s a sensory overload now! I absolutely love what he did. There is so much added on there and revamped that the best thing is for you to just head on over there and check it out. The forum area is very friendly and informative.

Another favorite lurking site of mine is Second Citizen. Mother FIC revamped his site also this year. It’s all snazzy with more sub-forums. There is also an active gamer area on there. The site does have the reputation of being on the rough side. I suppose it was but they have mellowed out quite a bit of late. Eh, I’m sure it’s still rough if you look for it or entice them. Still I do think it’s a great 3rd party forum for SL. There’s a huge amount of info there.

Check them both out if you’re tired of the limited official SL forum or would just like more information on anything SL related. (Both sites have been around for a few years with regular posters.)

Edit Note: 9/18/07 – I’m afraid Second Citizen is no more tonight. SL Insider had this report today. There is a Google Group for former Second Citizen members. There is still SLUniverse to use instead, since Google and Yahoo Group forums are a little clunky.

Edit Note: 11/19/09 – Good news! Second Citizen is back online! I’ve been rather out of touch with SL things before this Fall, so I didn’t know it came back in August.

~ by Kittenanne Mousehold on September 7, 2007.

4 Responses to “SLUniverse and Second Citizen”

  1. Yeah, Second Citizen was closed down. I’m sure more SL communities will emerge.

  2. I didn’t add this to my post but if you didn’t know this yet and used to go to Second Citizen there’s a special area for Second Citizens in the SLUniverse forums now. There are a few other forums out there now posted on the official SL forum, resident website area.

    I like all the changes Cristiano has done to SLUniverse and I tend to like the regular posters there.

  3. Yeah I shut SC down. You can post at if you like to play head games tho. Peace.

  4. *sigh* I don’t think I’m ever going to understand a person’s need to post to year old blog posts. The worse by far is my post on my first impression of LoTRO from closed beta, well over a year ago. Hell, I don’t even understand a Chinese gold farming company ripping off that entire blog post and posting it up as their own. Which really pissed me off.

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