Darklife 2

I’ve been playing Darklife 1 on/off since 2005. Mostly off when I started to play WoW last year. Darklife 1 was closely related to the Everquest style of experiencing when the hack/slash play. I don’t know all that they have implemented into Darklife 2 but if it’s similar to what was launched for the Arcadia game competition last year, it should be pretty good.

Clickable Culture has a good write up on them. Also there is a new Darklife Blog! I’ve been waiting for them to have a blog in addition to their forums.

So if you are gamer at heart yet are wondering what to do in Second Life, give Darklife a try. Remember Darklife is a player (actually a team of players) made game which means that you too could endeavor on a project like that in Second Life.

~ by Kittenanne Mousehold on June 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “Darklife 2”

  1. The screenshot looks like EQ1’s models of W. Karana early 2000’s.

  2. Yup, the designers were heavily influenced by EQ1 for the orginal Darklife game. I remember talking to a couple of them a few years ago about Darklife. I was completely new to SL but was just coming in from EQ1. They did tell me that the game play was modeled after EQ1. I imagine the monsters were or at least after D&D where EQ1 got their game play and monsters from.

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