Response to Age Verification Questions

Edit Note: Age Verification Comes to SL. See Linden Blog for more info. 12/7/7 Here’s the latest Linden Blog entries. Extremely good article by Massively.

Initial response from Linden Labs concerning all the questions coming up about their new Age Verification system. The Grid Grind has an interesting post concerning this with an evasive conversation with a Linden.

I’m still hoping they find a better way to implement their age verification aka. cleaning up their mess. I am for age verification but I seriously do not feel that a game company needs my social security or my driver’s license. Yeah, I think the conspiracy theory of them working with the Department of Homeland Security might be fitting with this. Why else would a game need that type of information to verify with? Yes, it is the surest way to make sure people are who they say they are, but if they required credit cards in the first place then they wouldn’t have to try to wade through all the under aged people that slipped in after they took that away. Heck there’s a self admitted high school junior on the main grid. She announced this in her profile under her first life, and has created yet another fashion drama stir on the SL Forums. Yes, teens can an will use their parents’ credit cards like she probably did to buy Lindens.

Considering that I do not use SL for cyber sex, I may not be affected by all the places I will not be able to access. Then again what about skins? Or malls? I don’t think I’ll be able to access those. Linden Labs has yet to define what exactly will be considered an adult area and what is not. Prudes will decides skin textures are adult content. Sexy clothing sold in a mall along side PG rated items might have prudes again calling for the mall to be rated adult. So what is seriously needed is a definition of adult content on LL’s part.

I’m still not happy with the way they are handling this. I just found this forum thread on the third part company doing the age verification.

Edit Note: Another story on Age Verification at SL Herald. Robin and Daniel Linden did a Q&A with some Second Citizens. There are more threads on it there; it’s a worth a read thru since it does answer some of the gray fuzzy areas of what they have in the blog. (I’m still happy with it though. lol)

Another Edit Note: I don’t want to make yet another post on this subject, but I am adding a few links for people who want more information on this. Second Citizen is a good place to get up to date information, also they have on going threads on Project Open Letter. Some of the posters there created a pretty good blog news site, The Second Life Grid Gride. Another fairly good blog site to check out is Gwyneth Llewelyn’s blog. She has a very long post that covers all of the latest hot topics going on in SL of late. She also has a very different look at the age verification issue, neither for or against, but instead thought provoking.

~ by Kittenanne Mousehold on May 7, 2007.

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