Finally Age Verification in SL!

Edit Note: Age Verification Comes to SL. See Linden Blog for more info. 12/7/7 Here’s the latest Linden Blog entries. Extremely good article by Massively.

Linden Labs is finally doing age verification in SL again. Before it was when we all had to supply a credit card in order to sign up for an account. That is no longer needed, but it is needed if you become a Premium Account. They are using a third party system for this. Now I am happy to have age verification in SL again. I’m tired of running into obvious kids; either that they are just very immature. There is a major problem I have though. They used tiki-wiki before for part of their web system which is a third party system also. That was the gateway for some hackers to enter into their database and steal people’s passwords and credit card information.

So with that background information on Linden Labs’ track record….would you give your Driver License, Passport, ID Card and worse yet for US residents, the last four digits of your Social Security Card? (Those digits are used to verify identity for all sorts of things. From a your bank to a credit card to your medical records…is that the sort of information you want in the hands of people that had a huge security breach in less than a year?

Why is it they need to have US residents’ social security number and our driver license or ID card? Isn’t the driver license enough? SL is not financial institution or a college or a hospital. They do not need yet another way for someone to hack in and steal someone’s identity. Yes, that is what will happen eventually. Especially with the large amount of hackers and griefers that love to go on SL. Some of them are quite creative there, others are just annoying. Linden Labs has a number of enemies so to speak, which relish in the thought of bring the grid down or crashing a sim. Are Linden Labs that diluted into thinking they are loved by all? This is racking up with the WTF are they thinking “features”.

Yeah, I know with the FBI snooping around the casinos and then Department of Homeland Security is moving in soon, Linden Labs might be under pressure to put in the age and identity verification. Gads, it’s not a happy place anymore. It’s bad enough people feel that a company running any game format is Big Brother but when you invite actual RL Big Brother into your game platform…well….yeah it’s another WTF are they thinking.

Edit note: *sigh* I really do not like having my recent blog posts be on a negative slant towards Linden Labs or anyone else. I am just frustrated and tired of their bizarre choices they have been making for the past year. I’ve been extremely patient in thinking, “Oh it’ll get better, it’s just growing pains.” or “Oh they need the numbers for their investors, it’s ok to overburden the database.” Bleh, I’ve had enough and it’s about time everyone else has also. See Project Open Letter. I think everyone else was just being patient all this time also.

~ by Kittenanne Mousehold on May 5, 2007.

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  1. WTF… indeed. I only hand in my most personal data for airport security. And that is not a game.

  2. I really don’t understand why credit card verification isn’t good enough for Linden Labs, when it is for just about everyone else online. (Excluding banks, hospitals, schools, and real estate companies.) Some else said this in the SL forums and I couldn’t agree more with her:

    Originally Posted by Ilianexsi Sojourner
    Honestly, it looks like LL is just digging deeper to try and get out of the hole they’re already in. There was a storm of protest when age verification was removed, now there’ll be a bigger storm of protest over this new system…. all this crap could have been avoided if they had just stayed with the original system, and required credit card verification when signing up.

    Since they made that change in their system there has been an enormous snowball effect as a result. One obvious result was to pump their numbers up for corporations and investors. The second one is the database strain. They were not ready for increase in numbers. As a result on the database, people start to have very strange things happen to their inventories, such as missing items.

  3. I should also point out when the date of my original blog post was. That was – MAY 2007. A lot has changed since then, including the information needed for age verification.

    I’ll be closing comments since people are going to read this as if it was posted this year…..

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