Response to Open Letter

Linden Labs did respond yesterday to Project Open Letter. They are going to fully address the letter later this week. I do hope they will actually do something other than pacifying the masses with a response or town hall meeting. That is just talk and I really rather see action on their part now.

I am not normally so displeased with any on-line company, especially large game companies. But in the past year I have watched the performance level of SL and customer service go on a downward spiral. Many decisions on their part in the past year have been highly questionable. Especially the decision to allow no credit information on newly credited accounts. That has, in a sense, backfired on them. They have such large numbers now that it is effecting the performance of the game in it’s entirety. It’s also over whelmed their customer support. They were not ready for this immense growth spurt. So I guess after seeing all this go on, I just started to get more and more disgusted. I mean even Sony didn’t do things to wreck their game performance. Although I have heard from many Star Wars Galaxy players that they destroyed the game. That was  the game play and not the performance. Customer service?…Well that can be argued they really never had one. I just hope that Linden Labs will slow down enough to fix things instead of throwing more new features on. I guess it comes down to that I feel Linden Labs is on a self destructive path that I am hoping they will leave soon.

~ by Kittenanne Mousehold on May 1, 2007.

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