Happy Patch Day for LoTRO!

Yeah! It looks like they fixed the memory problem with the patch today! Whoo hoo! I think I’ll be putting in 2 pre-orders soon for myself and my partner. He’s been watching the game on my screen and is very interesting in trying it out soon. We both think it’s going to have a lasting audience, especially with the LoTR fans and role-players out there. They do have some interesting things in place for role-playing, such as a biography and family tree in your character menu.

I really appreciate their concern about the quests and how the players feel about them. Right now in the beta they have a questionnaire that pops up after different quests. They are seeing how the overall appeal of the quests are for different classes. This just shows me how dedicated the developers are to the game.

Edit Note: Unfortunately there are still some people crashing out. I am fortunately not one of them anymore. I’m selfishly happy about that since I really just wanted to explore more in the game. I’m sure they will fix it when they can locate the problem. If you’re on beta and still crashing out send in those launch and event viewer reports to them.

~ by Kittenanne Mousehold on March 19, 2007.

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