Update on LoTRO

I received my closed beta key this week from the Computer Gaming Magazine offer. (Which is a pretty good video game magazine. Very well written articles and seems to be geared toward the older gamers out there. Needless to say I got a full year subscription after reading one issue.)

LoTRO had a huge update patch this Wednesday. If you started beta this week expect server down time and a lot of updates till they have that huge patch ironed out. In other words be patient with them till it’s running smoothly again. This is something all online games go through when they throw on an extremely large patch. It never goes smoothly and the games always have to tweak it some. Even WoW had many updates right before and after the launch for Burning Crusade. I must admit that over all that was a smooth transition, much smoother than EQ1 ever was.

Remember to read the LoTRO beta forums often during this patch tweaking time. They are pretty on top of things with the announcements.

~ by Kittenanne Mousehold on March 8, 2007.

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